5 Tips To Sell A Junk Car Without A Title


When you buy a car, it’s bound to wear with time and lose its efficiency just like any other machine. Over this period, many things in the car may get lost or destroyed. If you’re in the US, one of them is the car title. A car title is proof of ownership, and it can come in handy when you finally decide to sell your car.

Once a car is old enough, the owner can decide to dispose of it or sell it. A car title on hand is beneficial in easing the process. This is because selling a car without a title is complex due to the regulations set to prevent fraud and thefts. This complexity also affects junk cars, especially when they are going to be sold for cash.

But what happens when you want to sell your car but lost its title?

How To Sell A Junk Car Without A Title

There are different ways in which you can sell your junk car without a title. While selling without a title can be complicated, there are other options for selling your car where you won’t necessarily need a title.

Such ways include the following:

  1. Sell As Parts

Selling as parts is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to sell your junk car. Properly take down your car, and sell the valuable parts such as the engine, rims, and windshield. The other parts, such as the body, can be sold as scrap to collectors as they can also fetch good money.

The advantages of selling as parts are the following:

  • There are limited regulations surround the sale of parts
  • People will quickly buy the parts if they’re original
  • You can quickly get rid of the car
  1. Shop Around For Junkyards 

While most junkyards require sellers to provide a title, others only need any proof of ownership to accept a deal. It can be challenging to find such junkyards, and you should try to ask for referrals. You can also take the longer route by visiting different yards and asking if they take cars without a title.

Once you find a place willing to take your car, follow the correct process as it could be tricky. Ensure that you read the fine prints for the process to be smooth.

  1. Replace Your Car Title

If you want to sell your car ‘as is’ and you can’t find a dealer that accepts your car without a title, you should consider replacing the title. The local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) can provide a duplicate title that can be used during the transaction.

All you’ll need is to provide proof of ownership such as a driving license, registration papers, and vehicle identification number. The DMV can then check against their database to validate the ownership and provide the duplicate title.

  1. Take Advantage Of State Allowances

Another way to sell your junk car without a title is by taking advantage of the allowances that several states offer. Such allowances include selling cars older than 35 years without necessarily requiring a title. A valuation can also be done, and if your car is valued lower than a set amount, you can sell it without a title. Again, this works for junk cars as they are usually low-valued.

You can visit your local DMV offices and ask whether the state allows for such purchases and if your car qualifies. If it does, then you can go ahead and take advantage of it. However, other documents may be required before the sale is permitted.

  1. Be Upfront With The Buyer 

If you don’t have a car title and want to sell it, you should be honest with your buyer to be sure if they’re going to take it. After you advertise your car for sale, some buyers may want to buy your junk car for parts, and therefore the title should be necessary. However, getting a bill of sale may be necessary to validate the purchase.

Informing the buyer can also help speed up the duplicate title acquisition, as in most cases, the buyer will do the follow-up for a title transfer.


Selling a junk car can help you raise enough money for other important things in your life. It also clears up valuable space, which can be used for home improvements. However, as you’ve read, several complications surround the sale of junk cars without a title.

The complications shouldn’t be a problem once you follow the tips above. Also, be sure to always discuss with the buyer or the dealer about your situation.


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