Breakdown Britain: Common Times, Places and Causes Revealed


In the U.K. alone, millions of road users find themselves broken down and in need of help. While these figures may initially sound like an exaggeration, think of how many people you are bound to see stuck on hard shoulders every single time you drive down the motorway, or blocking roads and hogging parking spaces as you drive up and down the high street.

But even though we ourselves are likely to experience some sort of vehicle break down at some point in our lives, the majority of us aren’t clued up when it comes to understand where we are most likely to break down, why we are likely to find issues with our vehicle or what exactly we are supposed to do if the dreaded situation arises. But not to worry, this is where we can step in to help. Here’s a complete breakdown (excuse the pun) of everything you need to know on the subject.

Where Are You Most Likely to Breakdown?

The most common places to breakdown tend to be the high street and motorways. These are the locations that experience the highest levels of recoveries. But why? Well, not only do these areas tend to have higher volumes of traffic (as logic goes: the more people traveling, the more people that are likely to experience issues).

However, they also have their individual assets that make them problematic. On the high street, you are likely to park up and leave your car for extended periods of time. People are likely to accidentally leave lights on or devices plugged in to charge, often flattening the battery. On motorways, people are likely to be undertaking longer journeys which can see some older vehicles struggle.

When Are You Most Likely to Experience a Breakdown?

Most call outs occur between 8 and 9 am on a Monday morning. But this isn’t down to pure coincidence. The reason that many of us find ourselves unable to start our cars up on this day and at this time, in particular, is because it’s a prime time for us to be getting into our vehicles to head to work after having left the motor untouched and stationary over the weekend.

Cold weather is also likely to contribute to problems, so the winter months will also see an increased likelihood of vehicle issues. Avoid this by switching the engine on every now and then if your car has been out of use for a while.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Breakdowns?

There are plenty of reports that have entailed bizarre reasons for vehicle malfunction, sometimes human error, sometimes mechanical error. But most of the time, cars break down as they have been neglected basic checks and maintenance.

Unsurprising causes tend to be flat or punctured tyres and flat batteries. Remember to have your car examined regularly and to check your tyre pressure, before setting off on long journeys to save yourself hassle later down the line.

Who Should You Call When You Experience Breakdown Issues?

You should always ensure that you have breakdown cover before taking to the roads. This means that if any issues do arise, you can simply contact Breakdown Recovery and a qualified professional will be with you as soon as possible. Once they arrive, they will be able to identify the problem, tow the vehicle to a safer or more appropriate location and assist you to your intended destination or a safe, nearby place too!


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