5 Common Questions About Electric Cars


If you’re interested in buying your first electric car, you probably have a lot of questions. Maybe you need to understand the financing options. Perhaps you want to know about the day-to-day necessities of EV ownership.

Like some, you might not be completely sold on the benefits of going electric. Like others, you might not be familiar with the current options on the EV market. In this guide, we address these and other common questions about electric cars, so that you can make a confident and informed decision when you step out of your ICE vehicle for the last time.

What Are The Advantages Of Switching To Electric?

There are many reasons why more and more drivers are deciding to ditch the pump for the plug. Of course, the general consensus is that EVs are indeed healthier for the environment. They also maintain superior resale value.

Among the more immediate and tangible benefits are lower running costs and less maintenance. Electric cars are also considered easier to drive, thanks in part to the lack of gears and engine noise. In addition to government grants that shave off a significant portion of the purchase price, electric car lease deals further make EVs financially accessible.

Why Do Buyers Lease Electric Cars?

Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates that around 80% of electric vehicles are leased. This has to do with the fact that electric car leasing gives buyers quicker access to upgrades in a rapidly-evolving market. An EV lease also allows you to avoid battery degradation and value depreciation, while making you eligible for incentives more often.

You can head over to lvelectrix.co.uk to learn more about EV lease deals and how to get a cheap electric car lease. The website also provides a number of informative guides on other aspects of electric car ownership.

How Does It Feel To Drive An EV?

As you may have heard, electric motors have a key advantage over internal combustion engines – instant torque. This has several effects on how EVs perform. For example, they:

  • Accelerate quickly for effortless overtakes
  • Create minimal noise and fewer vibrations for a comfortable ride
  • Have a low centre of gravity that makes them stable around corners
  • Use fewer or no gears to make crawling in traffic less tiring

Where Do I Charge My Electric Car?

In most cases, charging at home is the more cost-effective option, though you might need to invest in certain equipment to make this happen. You should also switch to an appropriate electricity tariff if you’re going to charge in your garage. That said, charging stations are popping up around every corner and most manufacturers have reasonable deals here.

How Much Do EVs Cost To Run?

The numbers here vary, though what matters most is that you’ll still save in the long term compared to having a petrol or diesel vehicle. Your best bet is to consult the official figures for the specific EV that you want to buy.

So, which EV will you be getting your hands on? In any case, rest-assured you’ll be glad you made the switch.


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