Dressing for the Drive: Complement that Premium Car with an Impeccable Sense of Style

2019 Suzuki Vitara 1.4 BoosterJet

Nothing feels sweeter than wrapping your fingers around the steering wheel of a new, premium car that you just bought. That brand-new Mercedes Benz or the 2019 Lexus GS will add status and sophistication to your lifestyle, but what about the proud owner of the car? It just wouldn’t feel right if you were not dressed perfectly while driving that beauty to a party or a date. Of course, the definition of the word “perfect” varies from person to person, but the point here is to style yourself in such a way that speaks volumes about your personality. While the styling choices will vary quite a bit from person to person, let’s look at a few styling tips now that are guaranteed to make people take notice of not just the car, but the man behind the wheels as well.

A Connection Between What You are Wearing and the Car You are Driving

To wear something that goes with your new car isn’t necessary and sometimes, it makes sense to go for a bit of contrast, but if there is a subtle connection between the kind of car you are driving and the clothes and accessories that you are wearing, it looks like the car and the man were truly made for each other. You don’t necessarily have to take the Formula 1 route and look like extensions of each other of course, but the trick is in a subtle alignment of the car’s general vibe and that of your own styling. As we get into our next point, the next example will help you to understand the connection we are talking about better.

How to Establish That Connection Like a Boss

In order to do what we discussed in the previous point, the car in question needs to be taken into account first. For example, when you are driving a sports car like the Mazda MX-5 (4th gen) or the Porsche 718 Cayman, it’s all about sporting a casual, yet cool look. Put on a BRAAP hoodie over your tee and style them up with a pair of light blue jeans and white sneakers to create the perfect sporty look that brilliantly matches with the vibe of the sports car, rather than its colour or design. Our suggestion of choice for the hoodie would be the classic hoodie by BRAAP that you can find in sizes ranging from Small to Double XL, but only comes in black; the one colour to rule them all! The BRAAP hoodie collection is entirely made for petrolheads and car enthusiasts, just like every other product on the site, so do check them out if you want to find riding and driving gear that is designed specifically for auto enthusiasts.

Should the Occasion Matter?

A man should always dress appropriately for the occasion and that doesn’t change when you buy a new car either, so wear that suit to your friend’s wedding, irrespective of what you are driving. However, there’s always room to accessorise and state your love for all things auto by wearing lapel pins, brooches, cufflinks and rings made in the right theme. Once again, the key is in subtlety here, so don’t overdo it, especially while attending a formal occasion.

A car is supposed to provide you with comfort and convenience above all else, so do make sure that you are comfortable in wearing whatever it is that you choose while driving your favourite car around. This should not be too hard, because there is practically no written dress code for driving, aside from the legal regulations or when somebody is a professional chauffeur. Nevertheless, being mindful of your clothes does make a difference, even when you are behind the wheels of a premium car.


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