Nissan Gives Glimpse Of New Leaf Model

New Leaf

Today, Japanese brand Nissan has given us a little taste of what to expect from the new Nissan Leaf. Very little details have been revealed as of yet, so if you’re looking for prices/release date I’m afraid you won’t find that here.

Right, So What Has Been Revealed?

Well, a teaser picture (above) has been released as well as a few hints of what we can expect from the new model. Nissan has promised the new model will be more efficient, offering a greater range, plus it will be lower to ground, meaning it’s more stable at high speed. I think they may have got the Leaf and the GT-R mixed up somehow…

The car’s design has been inspired by airplane wings in the hope that the new Leaf will be more aerodynamic as well as offering a symmetrical airflow over the body to help it cut through the air more efficiently. The new design features also allow the car to deal with strong crosswinds better as well, so it ought to be much more comfortable on the motorway.

What Else?

Other than that, Nissan has been very tight-lipped about the new Leaf, but if you want to keep up with the updates check on the site for further news, or you can use the following hashtags; #Nissan #LEAF #ElectrifyTheWorld.


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