Gear Stick Goals: Tune Up Your Vehicle & Turn It Into Something Special

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For the most part, cars are perfectly well suited to their purpose – getting the driver and their passengers from A to B. However, just because a vehicle is well suited to its purpose, that does not necessarily mean that it is well suited to the driver. Each vehicle is made to offer the best drive it can possibly provide, which is fantastic, the only downside is that each make and model of car is made to suit a wide range of people, and doesn’t tend to be personalised.

For this reason, each year more and more drivers are choosing to modify their vehicles to ensure that they meet their driving expectations and environment. The fact is that two people leading very different lives could easily pick the same vehicle, which would mean that it won’t be perfectly suited to either of them, as it’s been designed to meet the needs of different environments and drivers.

For example, a driver living in a busy city could pick the same vehicle model as a driver living in a more rural area. The vehicle performs well in both environments but doesn’t perfectly fit either driver. Vehicles can be fine-tuned to ensure that they perfectly meet the needs of the driver and the environment.

Of course, while modifying a vehicle can ensure that it perfectly meets your needs and expectations, the downside is that in some instances modified vehicles can be more expensive to insure, or if the insurer isn’t informed about the modifications, they can cause the vehicle’s insurance to be invalid. That is why it’s so vital that when it comes to modifying a vehicle, it is done carefully, with plenty of research put into the process.

Like the idea of modifying your car and turning it into something a little more special? Then read on for all of the best tips and pieces of advice that will allow you to tune up your vehicle while staying legal.

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Your vehicle might be incredibly powerful or wonderfully smooth to drive, but that won’t stop it looking a mess. If your car isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as you would like it to be, fine-tuning it could be the answer. To improve the appearance of your vehicle, there are a few little changes that you can make.

Want to give your vehicle a sporty look? How about adding a spoiler to the rear of it? Believe it or not, spoilers not only make your car look like it’s ready to hit the race track – an appearance that some drivers love – it also improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle, which is why race cars have spoilers incorporated into their designs.

Love the concept of creating a sportier car? Then another modification to make is changing your steering wheel for a smaller design like race car drivers use. Smaller steering wheels allow drivers to drive more smoothly and easily, making sharp turns easier to perfect.

Do you always forget your registration number? How about looking into personalised car reg plates? Just think, you could pick your own registration – it could be something that links to your personal life or business – and you would be more likely to remember it. Plus, personalised number plates have a way of making a vehicle look more aesthetically appealing.

If your vehicle is a newer design and is a high-end model, then you may already have halogen headlights fitted. Within the next few years, it’s estimated that all new vehicles will be fitted with halogen headlights. If you can’t wait that long, there are specialist kits available that allow drivers to swap their normal headlights for highly specialised halogen ones. Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of opting for cheap blue bulbs made to look like halogen bulbs, as these don’t offer the same quality of lighting and can make night driving dangerous.

What’s your vehicle’s paint job like? Is it scuffed or scratched? The paintwork of a vehicle is the first thing that people will notice about it, which is why if you want a car that’s visually appealing, it’s vital that you have it repainted if it’s scratch or scuffed, or if you just aren’t keen on the colour.


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Modifying a vehicle is in no way just about how it looks, it’s also about how it runs. The benefit of having a vehicle is that it gets you from A to B quickly and efficiently, which is why performance is so vital when it comes to modifying any vehicle. What should you change to enhance your vehicle’s performance?

All modern cars have speed chips – these are a vital part of any car as they control what’s going on under the hood. These little chips control everything, from fuel injection to automatic transmission. Installing a high-quality performance chip in your vehicle will increase its power. There is one downside though – you will need to use premium fuel, which is more expensive than regular fuel, but it’s worth it for the improved driver experience.

Want to increase your vehicle’s power? The best way to do that is to supercharge your engine. By supercharging your engine, you can increase the amount of air and fuel that can be compressed into the cylinders, making the vehicle more powerful. The only downside to this modification is that it may increase the price of your insurance.

Like the idea of speeding up your vehicle and reducing your fuel consumption? Then perhaps it could be worth having low-profile tyres fitted. These tyres can help increase the car’s acceleration rate, as well as reducing its fuel consumption. Because these tyres are slimmer, they make driving at higher speeds easier (and safer too), which is why they are such a popular vehicle modification to make.

When it comes to your car, it’s natural to want it to offer the very best experience possible, which is why so many drivers choose to modify their vehicles to improve what they offer, as well as to personalise them to better fit their needs and driving environment.


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