Modified Car Sales: An Impossible Task?


Selling a standard model of car can be a long and difficult process, so on the surface, finding a buyer for a heavily modified car may seem like a mountain of a task. Yes, it’s going to be tough, but certainly not impossible! When you’ve got a modified car to sell, you need to narrow your marketing efforts, and hone in on a specific kind of buyer. Here are a few tips on making that sale quickly and easily…

Be Up-Front with Prospective Buyers

Honesty is important when you’re selling anything really, but when it comes to selling in the modified marketplace, it’s absolutely crucial. Obviously, you want to save face and get the sale finalised as soon as possible. However, you shouldn’t risk leaving anything out of your listing, even if it’s a small, near-unnoticeable fault. This can really come back to bite you when the buyer notices it after the sale, or even worse, you could wind up putting their safety at risk.

Make everyone aware of the car’s issues and limitations, as well as its assets, in equal measure. Buyers aren’t stupid; they know about the kind of rhetoric private sellers use to shift their cars fast. With this in mind, an open and honest listing, with all the details they’ll want to know about, will help out your sale massively.

Reach Out to Enthusiasts

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Obviously, your car is much more likely to generate interest and close a deal if you target enthusiasts of modded cars, and your model in particular. These guys can be few and far between, and you may have to do some extensive networking to find the perfect match for your modified car. This often means you’ll have to look into some transport services such as Shiply.

Yes, there’s extra effort and costs involved in reaching out to enthusiasts, but in many cases it will all be worth it, as these people tend to pay higher for the mods on a car than your typical buyer. There are many websites like Modified Enthusiasts with their own forums and communities where you can put your feelers out and talk to fellow modding enthusiasts, not to mention various owners’ clubs where you can talk to people according to the badges and models they like.

Consider Selling it in Parts

If your modified car fails to rouse enough attention as a complete car, which can unfortunately be quite a common occurrence, the next best thing you can do is to take it apart and sell the separate parts. With the amount of different platforms for selling on the internet, this has become a very lucrative niche, and you may get a pleasant surprise when you discover how much the parts of a well-modified car are worth.

Sure, getting any kind of significant gain on the whole car can take much longer. However, many parts can be highly sought after if you choose the right platforms to sell them on. Start checking some prices now!


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