Fancy A Change? Check Out ngenco


We all fancy a change now and then, whether it be a new pair of trainers or a new coffee choice, but what about when a petrolhead needs a change? Well there are many things you can do to change the appearance of your motor, but changing its paintwork is easily one of the most distinctive ways to change the look, although it’s a big commitment.

Who Are ngenco?

There should be no need to worry though, as Worcester-based ngenco has 35 years’ experience in this sector, even though you may not have heard of them. The ngenco name itself is short for ‘Next Generation Coating’ and the quality of work is so close to the OEM spec that it would take a purist to really notice the difference. The video below highlights the work they are able to do by giving a Ferrari F12 a fresh look.

The coating used is Autoflex, which not only gives a high quality finish, but it’s also scratch and fuel resistant, so it should stand up to the test of time. That and clumsy people who may make the car without realising. Oh, and the coating is fully removable, so if you want to back to the original, then you can do without limitations. You’ll be able to choose from either high gloss, matte or satin, and best of all, there is currently a spring sale on.


If you’re a dap hand with a paint gun then you can do it yourself as well as negenco also offers an off-the-shelf DIY range of removable liquid wraps. Items such as custom kits and sundries are also on offer so you can still get a professional finish without a professional application.


So then, if you want a high quality way to give your car’s paint a spring clean, or you just fancy a change, ngenco could well be a sure bet. For more details on ngenco and what they are able to offer, check out the website.



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