New Nissan Micra ‘Made To Measure’

New Nissan Micra

Things are looking bright for the new Nissan Micra. Not only does it look rather sharp and features F1-inspired development, but it’s also been ‘made to measure’.

All Shapes And Sizes

Nissan has been hard at work to ensure that no matter your size, you’ll able to get comfortable in the new hatchback from the Japanese carmaker. In order to achieve this, a team of 200 people of all shapes and sizes were drafted in to make sure the new Micra fits the bill – and its occupants. The testing took place at the Nissan European Technical Centre and featured test subjects ranging from 4 ft 11 ins all the way through to a Peter Crouch-matching 6 ft 7 ins.

The result is a hatchback with class-leading space in the front, good news for those in the Netherlands and Scandanavia – the largest nations in the world. The better ergonomics also make for a higher level of safety which can only be a good thing of course.

Lee Griggs, Senior Engineer for Human Engineering, NTCE, explained: “It’s a very simple idea. We select NTCE colleagues of various sizes and take 40 different measurements from each of them, recording everything from height and sitting eye position to arm and leg length.”

Lee added: “It means we always have at least 200 real people we can call on at short notice to validate our latest ideas or changes. Of course, we have internal standards to work to, but real-world human feedback is every bit as vital.”


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