New Top Gear Trailer Released


It’s just come to my attention there is a new Top Gear trailer and for whatever reason, this almost slipped under my radar. At this moment in time I am yet to re-add my articles from my old site about what I thought of the series 23 of Top Gear. So with that in mind let me give you a quick run-down…

  • Chris Evans – Too shouty, glad he’s gone
  • Matt LeBlanc – Good in films, a bit wooden in the studio
  • Chris Harris – A great addition to the show, good mix of knowledge and entertainment
  • Rory Reid – Similar to Harris, I think he has a promising career ahead of him
  • Sabine Schmitz – Good addition, she needs to be used more though
  • Eddie Jordan – Doesn’t add value to the show and should be dropped if you ask me
  • The Stig – Well, he/she’s The Stig – nothing more to say
  • Overall show – Had its good points but overall lacked its own identity

Interestingly though, the new trailer features just three of the aforementioned presenters – LeBlanc, Harris and Reid – sat in an insurance meeting discussing the cover for the next series. Jordan and Schmitz are not featured but I’d be surprised if they’ve been dropped – perhaps it’s because they are not as prominent as LeBlanc, Harris and Reid.

Top Gear
Top Gear has once again become an attractive proposition now that Evans has gone

The trailer gives a small snippet of what we can expect from the new series, including LeBlanc hooning about in a DB11 whilst wearing a dinner suit in what looks like a bad James Bond audition. We then cut to Harris who is doing what he does best, going sideways very quickly and killing tyres in the process. After that we see him in an old Mercedes driving up what looks to be some kind of icy mountain trail before getting rear-ended.

I thought the trailer was well thought out and now that Evans is gone, I’m rather looking forward to the new series. There is no confirmed date for it as of yet but seeing as the last series came in May, I reckon that kind of time will be a decent guess.

What are your thoughts? Like what you see or are you still pining for The Grand Tour?


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