White Still Proves Popular With UK Car Buyers


Colour can have a massive influence when buying a car, even if you may not realise it. Once you have settled on the colour you have to live with it, unless you get it resprayed or wrapped but for most people this is a potentially expensive and not completely worthwhile. I had a black Renault Clio once, which looked great with the gunmetal alloy wheels, but my word it was a pain in the backside to clean.

However, the SMMT has revealed it’s the opposite end of the spectrum that has proved the most popular for car buyers in 2016 as 20.51% of the market chose white for the fourth year running, although demand for the colour fell by 2.1% compared to 2015. It was a rather close call as demand for black rose throughout the year with a rise 6.5% with a total of 20.16% market share.

The biggest loser was brown (not unsurprisingly) has fallen in demand by 40% but more surprisingly silver has fallen by 7.5%, which is normally a strong, safe colour for buyers. Pink wasn’t able to make it in to the top 10, despite this though the female-orientated shade grew by 82.7% with a total of 3,527 cars sold. Bronze also grew by a healthy demand with a rise of 44%, making this a new record.

Although white may have been the best selling colour the most popular car/colour combination was in fact a blue Ford Fiesta with a black Vauxhall Corsa and a blue Ford Focus coming in second and third retrospectively. What will 2017 hold in-store though, will it be all-white or will we go go back to black? Or maybe something else?


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