Weekend Window Shopping: Jensen Interceptor

Jensen Interceptor

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a very booze-filled NYE – as long as you weren’t driving! The weekend is almost over but there is just enough time for some weekend window shopping and this week features a true British classic – the Jensen Interceptor.

Offered by Bicester Sports & Classics, this Interceptor was restored between 1997-2000 and it looks simply spotless. Just look at it, it looks brand new! It’s finished in a colour called ‘California Sage’, which is complimented by ‘Marine Blue’ leather interior. It looks pretty much black if you ask me, but it looks very nice all the same.

Jensen Interceptor Interior
Source: Auto Trader/BSC

This is a 1973 example which is fitted with a rather sizeable 7.2 litre V8, which is mounted to an automatic gearbox and is capable of delivering 385bhp. 0-60 comes in around 7.0 seconds and the top speed is 145mph. Some pretty decent power from this handsome brute then, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Jensen Interceptor Engine
Source: Auto Trader/BSC

The advert does not state the mileage this car has covered, but as it’s been restored, I think there is little worry that you will end up broken down on the side of the road questioning your life choices. In fact the car comes with full service history, plus the main components are original and have been well looked after.

Jensen Interceptor Rear
Source: Auto Trader/BSC


It has a rather hefty price tag though – £94,850 is what you will need to cough up for this fantastic piece of classic British motoring. I agree that’s a lot of money but just think, one day you’ll be able to say your better half; “Darling, shall we take the Interceptor?” That in itself is surely worth the price? Well maybe not, but you get my point!

For more details head to Auto Trader and Bicester Sports & Classic.

Jensen Interceptor
Source: Auto Trader/BSC


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