Car Obsession’s 2016 Review


Yes, I know, this has come a tad late as the New Year’s fireworks are all over (Happy New Year by the way) and we are already ruining our resolutions. This is something I was really keen to write about that though, my round-up of 2016. This, I mean last year, provided a plethora of memorable experiences and looking back, I can’t believe all the things I’ve done.

I started Car Obsession back last February but since then the time has simply flown. I’ve driven great cars such as the Zenos E10S, BMW M4, Vauxhall Lotus Carlton, plus many more. So without further ado, let’s get proceedings underway.

Best drive of the year

*Sigh* This is a very, very hard one, I’ve had the fortune to drive some truly wonderful cars in 2016. It’s been about two minutes since I typed my last sentence and I’m still stumped. Picking just one car is like asking Hugh Hefner who he’s favourite Playboy bunny is. So I’m going to choose my top five, which in itself is difficult.

In no particular order:

  1. BMW M4 – What I believe might just be the most complete car money can buy, it’s simply spot on.
  2. Zenos E10S – Easily one of the most memorable and pleasurable driving experience I’ve ever had. Whilst the M4 adds luxury and practicality, the E10S is all about the sensation of driving, which it delivers in spades.
  3. Vauxhall Lotus Carlton – A rare car, just 320 made it to Blighty and there is around half of them still going, so they are few and far between.
  4. Peugeot 205GTI – As a fan of hot hatches, cars like the 205GTI are special to me. So to have the opportunity to drive one was literally a dream come true.
  5. SEAT Ibiza FR – You’ve put your own car on there?! That’s a bit self indulgent isn’t it? I have, but bear with me. My drive around Cadwell Park in my own pocket rocket was a great sensation, even though the brakes did fade a fair bit after my third session!

Worst drive of the year

I’ve not actually driven any truly terrible cars but I would say one of my biggest disappointments was the current Renault Clio RS The flappy paddle gearbox simply doesn’t work and it spoils the whole drive. The gearbox seemed to have a mind of its own and overall it was just frustrating. Even more frustrating than the fact the Clio R.S.16 Concept car, with its manual gearbox, is NOT going in to production. Missed opportunity? I think so.

Biggest surprise

Hmm… biggest surprise? Hmm tough one, I think it has to be being accepted as a DriveTribe leader as it had been a few weeks since I had applied and I had kind of forgotten I had even applied. My other big surprise was being invited to last year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed with just 15 minutes to get ready to leave my flat. Well worth it though, as it was a truly wonderful day!

What are my plans for 2017?

I’d like to think I’ve got a pretty decent base on which to work on, so this year is all about adding to what I already have and improve as I go along. The site will be a year old next month (where does time go?) so with that in mind I may change the look of the site and I may change the logo. 

I’m aiming to add a video to YouTube every week, if not every two weeks as I want to make sure the channel is kept fresh. I of course want to review more cars, although I will admit I have nothing lined up at the moment so I will be making a few emails and calls over the next week or so to see what I can secure. 

I’d like to thank you all for reading and getting involved with Car Obsession – I hope you enjoy what is to come in 2017!


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