Maserati Celebrates 100,000th Model

Maserati 100,000th Model

No, that’s not the 100,000th the Italian brand has made in total, this is the grand milestone is for the amount of models produced at its Avv. Giovanni Agnelli Plant in Italy. The plant is responsible for producing both the Ghibli and the Quarttoporte, with the latter being the model to kick off this momentous occasion.

More specifically it was a Quattroporte GranSport MY17 powered by a Ferrari-built 3.0 litre V6 Twin-Turbo engine which produces 350bhp. This is Italian stallion won’t be hanging around long though as it’s bound for China, the brand’s largest market for its flagship saloon. FCA Chief Operating Officer, Alfredo Altavilla, was on the factory floor to oversee this special model as it rolled of the production and thanked those involved for their hard work.

Maserati 100,000th Model
Job well done: Altavilla addresses production staff and congratulates them.

“The Maserati brand’s impressive growth during the last few years has been one of the major developments at the Premium end of the market; the sixth generation of the Maserati saloon, developed here at Grugliasco, is the best-selling Quattroporte of all time and almost 70,000 units of the Ghibli, built here, have now left the production line, meaning that in little more than three years it has become the most successful Maserati of all time,” Alfredo Altavilla commented.

Maserati 100,000th Model

​​”With the Levante, the Brand has now moved into the SUV segment and the ‘Maserati spirit’ has also reached the Mirafiori plant, where the Levante is produced. The men and women who work here at the Avv. Giovanni Agnelli Plant at Grugliasco are already well aware of this,” Mr Altavilla added, “because many of them mentored their Mirafiori colleagues during the production launch and build-up phases for the new Levante SUV, acting as ambassadors for the Brand’s craftsman-like care and attention to detail.”

Maserati 100,000th Model


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