Volkswagen Tease New ‘Arteon’ Model

Volkswagen Arteon

Car manufacturers love a good tease, something to get the imagination going and the tongues wagging. Of course it’s a good chance for them to drum up a bit of interest, but for car fans it can also be something to look forward to, even if it’s small glimpse of what the car could become.

Well VW has released a sketch of its new proposed model which is to be called the ‘Arteon’ and it looks pretty swanky if you ask me. It will be a four-door saloon which the German brand says will implement the new design language for VW and will be officially unveiled at next year’s Geneva Motor Show. The German marque also says that the VW emblem and the headlights will merge to make one large front design piece – sounds intriguing

Where will it sit in the range?

Well the new Arteon will sit above the Passat and will be represented in the upper-mid class section of saloons where it will rub shoulder brands such as Audi and BMW. Prices are yet to be announced at this early stage, but if you bear in mind that the Passat starts at 19 or so grand then I imagine you’ll be looking at a figure in the regions of £25,000-£28,000 – the sort of price you’d be paying for a BMW 3 Series.

Anything else?

As you can imagine, VW has held its cards close to its chest, but the brand did also say that the Arteon will feature doors with frameless windows plus a top-hinged wide-opening tailgate which provides access to a huge boot. Tobias Sühlmann, Exterior Designer, explains: “At first sight, the Arteon arouses enthusiasm through its expressive design. It then surprises through its practical virtues. This combination is unique.”


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