Like Hot Hatches: Check This Out!


Quite some time ago (it feels like another lifetime ago now!)I applied to be a DriveTribe leader and joy of joys, I was accepted! However, there was a long period where nothing seemed to be happening and I had now idea what the whole thing would entail.


Today though, I can confirm that the website is live to everyone and will be launched by Clarkson, Hammond and May today on Facebook at 6pm (UK time). For more details on what DriveTribe is check out this article so you are able to get up to speed. My role as a DriveTribe Leader is to run my own ‘Tribe’ in which people can get together and discuss a particular topic.

My tribe – named Pocket Rockets – is all about one of my favourite car genres – hot hatches. So if you love hot hatches and you want to be in an environment where you be talk about them endlessly, shamelessly and fanatically then please drop and get involved. I’m not sure what to expect from all of this but I really want it to take off as this could be a great chance to get like-minded people in one place to get involved.

Pocket Rockets

​​What do I need? How do I sign up?

To sign up you will need a Facebook account so if you don’t have one I’m afraid you won’t be able to get access – not unless you create a new account of course. To get access to my tribe simply go to this link and join – it’s as simple as that. Although the website is only just opening the doors to everyone (it was invite only before) there is still a good level of content on my Tribe so there should be plenty to sink your teeth in to already.

I’ve waffled on for long enough now – all that is left to say is that I hope you enjoy it and be sure to get involved! Oh FYI, if the link still says invite only you may need to wait until after 6pm today because as I mentioned earlier, that is when the site gets officially launched. ENJOY!


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