Financing A Supercar: How Much?


Supercars are out of the reach for the majority of car lovers, well not unless you attend plenty of shows, but what I mean is ownership of course. The other day my wife and I were wondering how much it would be to actually pay for a supercar monthly. No, I’m not looking to do that – what am I, made of money? No, this was a curiosity.

Supercar or Rent?

Funnily enough McLaren must have been listening to our conversation as the British brand has revealed how much it would be to finance the 540C Coupé, 570GT and 570S. Let’s start with the baby of bunch shall we? The 540C will set you back a cool £128,550 which is more than the Average Joe can afford. So how much do you reckon it would cost on a 36 month plan with a £35,000 deposit? If you guessed £946.93 then give yourself a pat on the back – you’re correct.


​​If you think that’s expensive wait until you get to the 570S. With the same deposit over the same amount of time you’ll be looking at £1,188.36. Yeah…. Step up to the £154,000 570GT and you’ll be required to cough up £1.387.54 monthly over the same length of time and the same deposit. Feeling poor yet?

So what’s it to be? A place to live or a McLaren?


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