Prices Announced For GT-R and GT Roadster


One of the most exciting cars to come out of 2016 has to be the Mercedes AMG GT-R. I still remember how much of a presence it held the first time I saw in the flesh, especially with that famous Green Hell Magno colour. The time has come for Mercedes to announce the price for the new model, as well as the new roadsters.

Well? How much is it?

Quite a bit to put it simply. £143, 245 is the amount of money you’ll need to cough up for the new GT-R and for that you’ll get a 4.0 litre Bi Turbo V8, 585bhp, plenty of noise and a big smile. Oh and an empty wallet. Other additions include that eye-catching Panamericana grille, AMG sport seats (naturally), carbon fibre roof, 19/20-inch alloy wheels and an AMG exhaust system to name but a few.

AMG GT Roadster

​​If that is a bit too costly for you however, or you fancy the AMG experience al-fresco, you can opt for either the GT Roadster or the GTC Roadster. The GT starts at £110,145 whilst the GTC will set you back £139,445. Both are fitted with the same 4.0 litre V8 but with different power outputs. The GT has to ‘make do’ with 476bhp whilst the GTC is able to offer 81 more horses – 557 to be exact.

AMG GT C Roadster

Despite this, there is only 0.3 seconds separating them on a 0-62 run so the chances are you wouldn’t really miss the extra power of the GTC, only the bragging rights. Having said that, the GTC does come with more kit, including keyless entry, a reversing camera, Active Air Control, 19/20 inch alloy wheels and red brake calipers. That’s on top of the heated sport seats, AMG exhaust system, Airscarf and black Nappa leather upholstery found in the GT.

So which is it to be? The GT-R, the GT Roadster or the GTC Roadster? If it were me I’d have to go for the GT-R, specifically in Green Hell Magno.


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