Techrules Teases

Techrules GT96

You’ve probably not heard of it but there is a Chinese supercar brand (I know, right?) by the name of Techrules, which isn’t a particular sexy name. It sounds like an electrical store if you ask me but that’s besides the point. Iffy name aside, what the brand has instore looks pretty enticing.

Earlier this week the Beijing-based brand announced it will be presenting the final version of its first production car at next year’s Geneva Motor Show. What? That’s around half a year! In the meantime there have been two teaser pictures released of the new car, which is to be named the GT96, not to be confused with Toyota’s GT86.

Techrules GT96

​​The styling has been done by Fabrizio and Giorgetto  Giugiaro so you know it’s bound to look good, but that’s not the most interesting bit. The new model will be fitted with something called a TREV system. Put simply, it’s a hybrid system that uses turbine technology.

This little turbine will generate the power needed for the batteries to power the wheels but it can also be used to provide extra power with its stored energy. This innovative system means the car will be more efficient and will be lighter as there will be fewer batteries needed, which will increase space as well.

Matthew Jin, Chief Technical Officer of Techrules, said: “We have been working tirelessly with the Giugiaro team on the design of the GT96 for many months, and it will be a proud moment when we present the production design of China’s first supercar in Geneva in March. Our dream of seeing turbine-recharging electric vehicles on the roads is getting closer to reality.”


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