Weekend Window Shopping: Jaguar XK150


As you have seen I spent this weekend looking at lovely classic cars at the Classic and Sports Car Show so with that in mind I have a wonderful old Jag on this week’s WWS. This weekend I saw the XK120 and the XK150, now here is the XK150.

On offer by Knowl Hill, this 1959 fixed head coupé is finished in Carmen Red with black leather inside. Under the classically styled bonnet is a 3.8 litre inline six engine which is able to produce 220bhp and a top speed of 130mph. Work the manual gearbox quickly enough and you’ll be able to get to 60 in a respectable 7.5 seconds.

​​Coming after the XK120 and XK140, the XK150 came with a one-piece windscreen instead of  split one plus it was moved back on the roadster to make the bonnet 4 inches longer. The wooden dashboard was also scrapped to make way for a leather one whilst thinner doors offered more space in the cabin.

​​A 3.4 litre engine was also available in the XK150 although this made it slower than its predecessors but of course the 3.8 litre made up for that. The fixed head coupé was the most popular option with 4,445 produced, followed by the drophead coupé with 2672 and then by the 2265 roadsters.

Interestingly the mileage has not been specified but i can tell you how much it is. The price for this restored vintage Jag is a mere £76,995 which is quite a bit, but you know what they say, money can’t buy style. Well I suppose it can in this case….

For more details head to Auto Trader or Knowl Hill.


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