Weekend Window Shopping: Audi R8 Spyder


Good evening and welcome to another addition of Weekend Window Shopping. I’ll be honest, I found it a bit difficult to find something that stuck out and it took some time. However, this caught me eye and although I’m still not sure whether I like it but you cannot deny it’s bold.

​​Now the Audi R8 is not a particularly rare car, in fact I often see them when I’m travelling around Surrey but this example has had a few modifications. The first of which you are likely to be attracted to is the simply mahoosive spoiler fixed to the rear of the car. A widebody styling kit has also installed as well as Miltek sports exhausts, 19″ OZ Racing alloy wheels and an increased power output of 620bhp.

​​What’s even better is that you can lower the roof when the weather’s nice and enjoy the noise coming from those sports exhausts even more as you rev the mighty V10 engine. The V10 engine is also the inspiration of the questionable personalised ‘V10 O Yea’ number plate. Each to their own I suppose.

​​Whether you like the plate or not, it’s included in the £64,989 asking price as well as satellite navigation, leather seats, air conditioning and CD player. 43,000 miles have been covered in this 2010 model which is quite a lot when you consider the type of car it is so it seems it has been well enjoyed by its previous owner(s).

For more details head on to Auto Trader and Motorhub.


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