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New Honda Civic Unveiled In Paris

Honda Civic
Its does look good in this red though

The chances are you’ve seen the new Honda Civic but now it’s been officially unveiled at this year’s Paris Motor Show. The Japanese brand has put a lot of development in to the tenth generation Civic, in fact this has been the largest model development programme in the brand’s history. The new model is more aggressive and sportier to attract younger buyers, it’s also longer, wider and shorter than the outgoing model.

New car, new platform

A new platform with new suspension has been designed for the new model to provide a lower centre of gravity and provide a more dynamic drive. A lower driving position has also been installed to help aid a sportier drive. Two new VTEC engines will debut in the new Civic to give a sportier – ok you get the picture, the new Civic is sportier and more aggressive.

Thanks to clever and innovative engineering the new Civic is 16kg lighter than the previous model but offers 52% greater torsional stiffness. It sits on all-new suspension designed to not only offer the best-in-class handling, but also the best-in-class ride comfort. Blimey, the Honda guys are certainly out on a mission. The new model will also sit on wider, larger wheels to emphasis its sporty nature.

The fuel thank has also been relocated and the car’s floor is lower than the last model to give, yup you guessed it, a more dynamic feel. The centre of gravity is now 14mm lower compared with the outgoing model and the driving position is 35mm lower. Ok, that’s more than enough on the new platform, what else has gone in to the new Civic?

More space, more tech and more user friendly

As mentioned, the new Civic is longer and wider so that means more space in the cabin for occupants, a cabin which Honda has simplified and decluttered. Those in the front can enjoy 10mm extra shoulder, rear occupants enjoy 20mm extra shoulder room as well as 95mm extra legroom and 45mm extra knee room.

A 7″ Honda Connect touchscreen system has helped to declutter the dash and the dash itself is more compact and sits 64mm lower to give a better view of the road. The A-pillars are narrower as well to further aid visibility. The Honda Connect system will be able to offer smartphone integration, sat nav can be specified as an optional extra and wireless phone charging is available on higher spec models. A new digital display binnacle also features in the new Civic aided by  7″ TFT screen.

New engines

The Civic will be home to two new engines (not at the same time obviously) – a 1.0 litre VTEC and a 1.5 litre VTEC. The 1.0 litre will offer 127bhp with 200Nm of torque for the manual and 180Nm for the CVT. The 1.5 litre on the other hand offers 180bhp with 240Nm of torque for the manual and 220Nm for the CVT. So despite the new Civic looking more sporty, Honda hasn’t shot itself in the foot by making too fast, otherwise the need for the new Type R wouldn’t be as strong of course.

Honda Sensing Suite

The new Civic has something called Honda Sensing Suite, what in God’s name is that? Well essentially it’s a fancy name given to the Civic’s safety features. These include autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control and lane keep assistance to name but a few.

The new Civic will be available next year with prices yet to be announced. What’s even better is that it’ll be built in the UK!



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