Weekend Window Shopping: Aston Martin DB6

Aston Martin DB6

Finding a candidate for this week’s WWS was as easy as stealing candy from a baby. It stuck out like a sore thumb – for the right reasons – and I wouldn’t forgive myself if I had overlooked it. It is of course, the wonderful, the majestic, the elegant Aston Martin DB6. Now at first glance you may be fooled in to thinking this is the legendary car driven by James Bond, the DB5.

Aston Martin DB5
Both similar in style, both absolutely beautiful. Source: Aston Martin

And why wouldn’t you, the front ends are extremely similar, trying to tell them apart is about as easy as telling which identical twin is which. Walk around the back though and it becomes much clearer, the rear styling of the DB6 is flattened and a bit more aerodynamic although I prefer the charm of the DB5. I’m a big fan of Bond so I’m always going to be biased in that respect.

Aston Martin DB6
As you can see the rear of the DB6 is noticeably different to that of 007’s iconic DB5. Source: Aston Engineering

​​Back on point

Anyway, I starting to drivel on far too much here and this is all getting a bit too romantic so let me deliver some cold, hard facts. This is a 1968 DB6 Vantage which has travelled 5,960 miles and comes in the iconic Silver Birch metallic colour. These cars are very hard to come by and when one does come up for sale you are guaranteed to pay at least six figures for one in good knick.

Aston Martin DB6
Source: Auto Trader/Kahn Automobiles

​​This fine example is being offered by Kahn Automobiles for the tidy sum of £399,995. Underneath the svelte body lies a 4.0 litre straight-six which produces 325bhp and is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. 0-60 comes in over 8 seconds and the top speed is 150mph, but let’s face it, this car is a cruiser rather than a speed machine.

Creature comforts

This Aston may be from the 60s but this model does come with power steering and electric windows. As you’d expect the cabin is adorned with leather seats and the original wooden steering wheel is still place to remind you of yesteryear. A comprehensive history comes with the car for peace and for more details here to Auto Trader or Kahn Automobiles.

Aston Martin DB6
Source: Auto Trader/Kahn Automobiles



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