Dacia To Unveil Bolder Models

Dacia Range

The current Dacia models are like a collection of sturdy shoes, practical, good value for money and reliable. However, they’ve never been much to look at and the styling is very, very conservative. It’s for this reason alone that if I were to get a cheap as chips hatchback I’d be more drawn to the MG3 rather than a Sandero.

Dacia is looking to right this wrong with its new models which are to be announced at this year’s Paris Motor Show. Beyond the styling there is no other information to be had at the moment – that will have to wait until the keynote speech on the 29th of September by┬áJean-Christophe Kugler, Executive Vice President and Chairman of the Europe Region.

As you can see, the front end of the new models have been treated to an updated bumper grille and air vents whilst the front headlights have been tweaked and now include LED lights. The new lights form four rectangles which make up Dacia’s new lighting signature. The rear lights have also been updated as has the interior although pictures have not been released…yet. Ok, so it’s not a massive change but at least the new models have a bit more character.

I look forward to seeing the full details from the Romanian brand and seeing whether it’s capable of turning its range of white bread in to something a bit more tasty – like a bacon sandwich. God, I fancy a bacon sarnie now…


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