British-Built Civic Unveiled

Honda Civic

You may hear your Dad moan about how “Britain don’t make cars anymore”, but the fact is there are plenty of cars built in the UK, a point Top Gear proved a few years ago in spectacular fashion. The new all-new Honda Civic is just one of many cars that Blighty is able to produce.

Japanese car, British-built

The all-new Honda Civic is now in its 10th generation and has been unveiled at Honda’s UK manufacturing plant in Swindon. Production has already started with the first batch of models heading across the atlantic to North America. In fact, the new Civic will be exported to no less than 70 countries, meaning it will be more travelled than Michael Palin.

3,600 employees are based at Honda’s Swindon plant and the Japanese firm has recently pumped £200,000 in to the facility in preparation for the new Civic production. This is a drop in the ocean when you consider a total of £2.2billion has been invested in to the Honda of UK Manufacturing (HUM) since 1989.

Yeah, but what about the car?!

Enough of the corporate talk, what about the car? At first looks I thought it looked bold and dynamic, after all the new model has been designed to appeal to a younger audience. Im surprised it’s not sitting on Nike Airs with snapback attached to the roof. The blue used on the model pictured is simply sublime as well – it looks absolutely tip-top.

But after looking at it for a bit longer I’m not sure, it just doesn’t look ‘right’. I think it’s the front end, it looks a little be too long for me compared to the rest of the car but it’s definitely not what you’d call ugly. However, if the normal Civic looks this bold what will the Type R look like? The current Type R is one of the aggressive looking hot hatches on the market and it’s far from a shrinking violet.

The new car will be available next year and other details are yet to be released.


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