How Much?! WarrantyWise Reveals Costs Of Supercar Repairs

Supercar Repairs

Owning a supercar is something that the majority of us can only dream of, purely because of how much they cost to buy, but we often don’t consider how much it’ll be to actually keep them on the road.

Break the bank

This is where WarrantyWise has stepped as it’s not be able to produce data of the highest car repairs possible for exotic cars and you’ll want to brace yourselves. Let’s start off gently shall we, with the ‘cheapest’ repair to feature in the top 10 – a gearbox repair for a Ferrari 575. This repair cost a staggering £6161.21! The next repair up was slightly more at a price of £6437.27 – this was for a F1 Actuator (a say what now?) for a Lambo Gallardo.

Let’s up the ante shall we? In 6th and 5th place we have the Nissan GT-R which has been able to produce a bill of £9,500 for a gearbox repair. The first car to break the £10,000 barrier is the Maserati 4200 which landed a bill of exactly £10,000 for an engine repair. Pipping the 4200 to second place is the Porsche 911 which for the same repair achieved a bill of £10,051.63.

A clear victor

2rd and 3rd place may be close but the car/repair coming in at 1st place simply walked away with the ‘victory’ of highest car repair bill with a staggering £15,000 paid for an engine repair. The car to take the crown is the Lamborghini Murcielago and if you happen to own this car you’ll be thankful to know it can be covered by WarrantyWise at a price of £166 per month – much better than a bill of £15,000 I’m sure you’ll agree!

​​Lawrence Whittaker, CEO of WarrantyWise, said: “When you lay out all the repair payouts WarrantyWise makes, you can see why so many of our customers swear by our service – especially on an exotic car where the bills are rarely cheap. But the fact that we also have the likes of Renault and Volkswagen in our largest ever payouts just goes to show that all cars have the potential to go very badly wrong – and the resulting repair bill can be large enough to really disrupt your life.”


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