The Hummer EV: A Quiet Revolution


Just when you thought the Hummer was dead and gone; just when you thought electric vehicles were samey and dull, along came the GMC Hummer EV to shake up an increasingly electrifying automotive world. GMC’s incredible new all-electric truck has been teased for some time, but was finally announced in October 2020 with an amazing set of features that got a new generation of EV fans’ brains spinning.


Did someone call for road assistance in throttle and power? The new all-electric supertruck from GMC features an astonishing 1,000hp powertrain and an incredible 11,500lb-ft of torque. “Revolutionary” is an understatement! With the addition of the “Watts to Freedom” powertrain addition, you’ll be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 in an eye-watering 3 seconds flat. Never before did you think you’d see a Hummer set off from the spot at those speeds.

4-Wheel Steering

It’s not just fast, but also manoeuvrable thanks to its innovative 4-wheel steering system – it’s the ultimate form of road assistance. This huge EV will make a turning circle tighter than a lot of cars half its size. On top of that, the 4-wheel steering is crowned with the all-new “CrabWalk” feature. This allows the wheels to turn together at an angle and allow the car to drive diagonally to overcome obstacles or tricky paths ahead.

King Of The (Off)Road

Electric it may be, but the promise of the Hummer EV, set for release in the 2022 model year, really takes on a life of its own when we look at the off-road assistance capabilities. This machine comes with fantastic ground clearance and 35” tyres as standard, first-of-its-kind self-raising suspension for an extra 6 inches of clearance, 18 different exterior camera angles, customisable drive modes, full underbody armour, rock sliders and much more.

Rapid Charge On Another Level

The Hummer EV will be capable of taking on 300kW charging, allowing 100 miles of range to be restored in just 10 minutes. Speaking of range, the cutting-edge Ultium battery developed by GMC are giving the first-generation Hummer EV a range of 350+ miles. How’s that for your range anxiety?

You’ll be able to get the first-generation Hummer EV in the 2022 model year either as a pickup truck or SUV design, whichever suits your needs. All-electric just got exciting.


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