Mountune announces m450 and m520 MRX packages for Mk3 Focus RS


The new Ford Focus is here, and although the ST is here, it’s going to be some time until we see an RS model. If you’re someone that simply can’t wait for that, or perhaps you have the outgoing version and you want a bit more pep, you’ll be delighted to know that once again mountune has been hard at work.

Oh, what’s new?

The experience Ford tuner has announced not one, but two new packages for the savage Focus, one of which takes this blue collar hero to a power output of 520hp, with a Goliath torque figure of 700Nm. Yes, you read that right. Mind you, the other package isn’t exactly sheepish, as that offers 450hp with 580Nm.

What’s in the m450 package, how much does it cost?

Well for starters, the original turbocharger has been ditched, as it has made way for a mountune configured BorgWarner EFR-6758 turbocharger delivering an increase of 50PS. For those of you that love the oily, nerdy details, the new turbocharger features Dual Row Ceramic Ball Bearings, which offers less friction at higher speeds, and also gives an increased responsiveness.

The turbo isn’t the only thing the m450 package; it also offers a mountune Ni-resist Cast Turbo Adapter, V-band high flow sports cat and downpipe, Turbocharger Gasket Set, mountune 5-Ply Compressor Outlet/ Inlet Silicone Elbow and a Stainless-Steel Hose Clamp Set. All this will cost you £2,950, and is fitted at mountune’s HQ in Brentwood, UK.

What about the m520 MRX?

Oh yes, let’s not forget about the m520 MRX, although with a power output 520hp, I don’t think you’d forget about this in any hurry. You may want to forget about the price, though, as this package will set you back a cool £5,794,99. Once more, this package has binned the original turbo but this time it has not been replaced with the BorgWarner EFR-6758 unit.

Instead, mountune has opted for mountune configured BorgWarner EFR-7163 Turbocharger. In addition to this, the m520 upgrade package also includes an XtremeDi uprated Di fuel pump and revised/uprated camshafts and valve train, as well as a revised ECU calibration.

“We have worked hard to develop upgrades that build on the success of the m400X and m400R kits,” explains Alec Pell-Johnson, Director of mountune Performance. “With the very latest BorgWarner turbocharger platform, both upgrades deliver exceptional levels of power and torque, turning the RS into something quite remarkable. After the positive initial feedback we received from the official unveiling of the kits at Ford Fair, we can’t wait to start fitting them to our customers’ cars.”


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