The Great Movie Car Race – but who wins?

New Aston Martin Vantage
Here's a Tungsten Silver model in case you were bored of the Lime Essence. Oh, you may think it looks a bit like the DB10. That's because the James Bond car was actually based on an early draft of the new Vantage

Over the past few decades the film industry has exploded, with an endless number of films winning awards, breaking box office records and incorporating the best forms of technology to make our film watching experience as best as it can be. The way in which we view a film has changed dramatically since not so long ago. Film fanatics now wait in anticipation for the release of new films and have the luxury of watching them in 2D or 3D and enjoy the movie on state of the art screens, including IMAX and Super Screen.

The film industry has provided us with movies which have recreated famous historical events, made us cry with laughter and screamed in fear. Whether it’s watching the highest grossing film of all time, Avatar, or singing along to the ABBA inspired Mamma Mia! The way in which production companies incorporate skill and technology to create the best movies possible, has left film fans across the world having high expectations for future films.

What makes a film famous?

Production companies want to create a story behind the film which will put it at the top of the industry and make it famous for all the right reasons. Although the success of any film will depend strongly on its story and the message behind it, many film fans remember famous movies because of the characters in it and a vehicle or asset their associated with. Many famous films such as James Bond, Fast & Furious and Batman are all popular films due to the distinctive vehicles used within them.

Many famous films have featured some of the world’s most powerful and expensive cars, as well as specially designed vehicles created to support the story behind the film, just like that of DMC DeLorean used in Back to the Future.

The Great Movie Car Race

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if some of the most famous vehicles used in film went head to head in a great movie race? With the help from LeaseCar UK, we can now answer the question many of us will have had on our mind and find out who comes out on top and claims bragging rights.

The race features some of the film industry’s most well-known vehicles, including James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, the 1971 Mustang used in Gone in 60 seconds and the powerful 1999 Nissan Skyline featured in Fast and Furious. It’s a race both film and car fanatics will want to see and now the wait is over!

Who are you backing?

10 vehicles go head to head in this ultimate race, but who are you backing? We’ve seen them perform individually in their respective films but how will they handle themselves against some of films toughest competition.

The stage is set so now it’s time to enjoy the big race and let us know your opinions and whether or not you feel first place was well deserved or not. Join in the conversation on social using #MovieCarRace and tagging @LeaseCar_UK.



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