The RS Swansong: New Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition Announced

New Focus RS Heritage Edition

It seemed as if the Focus RS Edition was to be the model to send of the Mk3 Focus RS, but today Ford has announced the new Focus RS Heritage Edition. Only 50 will be made, and thankfully they will be coming to the UK. The reason the number is 50, is because this helps to commemorate 50 years since the very first RS model to hit the UK – the Escort. The Heritage Edition will come in just one colour – a rather vibrant ‘Deep Orange’ – and will cost an eye-watering £39,895.

Woah! It Had Better Be Special Then!

Well the Focus RS is a very special thing in its own right, but when you start throwing around prices that are just shy of £40,000 it really needs to hit the sweet spot. That’s not too far from A45 AMG or RS3 money, and let’s be frank here, they are more luxurious cars. Thankfully, the RS Heritage Edition is similar to the RS Edition, meaning you get more styling cues and you also get the Quaife limited slip diff.

New Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition

Bearing in mind that the Heritage Edition adds around £5,000, you’d wonder how a new colour – and the exclusivity – can carry such a large premium. There is more power though, as the RS Heritage Edition will come to the party with more power, courtesy of a dealer-fitted Mountune FPM375 upgrade. This mean the power output has swollen from 350ps to 375ps, and the torque has increased from 470Nm to 510Nm.

Andy Barratt, chairman and managing director, Ford of Britain, said: “The RS brand is hugely important to Ford and is recognised across the globe, however it has a special place in the hearts of UK Ford fans. This latest model is the best RS we’ve ever produced, so it seems a fitting tribute as we approach its 50th anniversary.”

Could this be the ultimate Focus RS? It may be pricey, but what a way to send the car off!


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