Zenvo Teases New Model Ahead Of Geneva Motor Show Reveal

Zenvo Teases New Model

For those of you that aren’t aware of Zenvo, it’s a rather outlandish supercar company, which builds cars that will certainly turn heads. Think of the brand as a Danish answer to Lamborghini. That’s right, this brand is from Denmark, which is famous for building such cars as the…erm…give me a minute. Ok, so Denmark, doesn’t exactly have a large track record for building cars, and Zenvo itself has only been around since 2009. You may remember the ST1 though, this featured on Top Gear and almost turned Jeremy Clarkson in to toast.

A Hyper Tease

The Danish brand is hoping to set the world alight once more, only this time in a metaphorical sense, with its new model, which is to be unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.  As you can imagine, the Danes have been very tight-lipped about what we can expect from the new model, but a few teaser pictures have been released. These photos, the brand say, follow a meticulous selection of photographers from around the world – all of which have a large social media following.

Zenvo Teases New Model

It all sounds jolly exciting, as one of part of the press release reads; “Each photographer will spend time making a dedicated shoot at special locations, with the Zenvo TS1 GT playing the main role in the visual storytelling. Starting this January, Zenvo will publish its favourite photo from the different shoots on its digital channels Instagram and Facebook each month. Once all the photos have been published in December 2018, the public will be given the chance to vote for the winning photographer with the best single exposure picture on Zenvo’s website.”

Spectacular Opening

“With everything now in place to launch this fantastic new model onto the market it is hard for us to wait patiently for the Geneva International Motor Show to share this car with the world. The fact that we are holding back to the opening day of the exhibition on March 6 is a testimony to how much we value this event.”,  As a European hypercar brand Geneva offers an unrivalled opportunity to connect with an international audience. This is the fifth consecutive occasion that Zenvo has presented itself at the show and we have always been impressed with the phenomenal response from visitors in the know. There can be no better platform to make a splash with our latest new innovation.”

Judging by what Zenvo has produced in the past, I think it’s safe to say that March the 6th will bring something very exciting from the Danish brand. Time to start counting down the days…

Zenvo Teases New Model


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