After A Fancy Motor? Leasing Could Be The Way Forward

Vantage Leasing
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Ever see a fancy car and thought “I’d never own that”? Or maybe your next door neighbours have splashed out on a new bit of metal, leaving you green with envy? Or maybe you want to treat yourself to something more premium. Whatever the reason may be, you may think that the desired car is out of your reach. Leasing could well be the answer for you.

What Is Leasing? 

Well, the dictionary definition is to “grant (property) on lease; let”, but seeing as that a bit vague, let me put in simpler terms. Unlike like a Personal Contract Purchase, where you pay a deposit and pay monthly for a term of normally three to four years. At the end of this time you can either pay a balloon payment to keep the car, you can either get a new model, or you can simply give the keys back and walk away.

Vantage Leasing

Leasing is to an extent similar, but you have more flexibility and you don’t have to be tied in for so long. It also means that you’re likely to pay a smaller deposit, making it a more accessible option for most buyers. It also allows drivers to avoid dreaded depreciation and you’ll often find the lease package covers the maintenance costs well, so all you need to worry about it fuel and insurance.

Dream Car More Of A Reality

It’s like renting a house rather than buying a house, which would normally be less attractive, but cars generally lose values whereas a property won’t. It’s less of a commitment and it means that you are more likely to drive a car that you would otherwise not be able to afford if you walked in to the dealership to pay for the car in full.

This means a car that was one a pipe dream could now well turn in to a reality, thanks to competitive leasing offers. For example, the fashion conscious Range Rover Evoque starts from £30,760, which won’t suit everyone’s budget, but a Range Rover Evoque lease can start from £266.13 per month seems much more manageable.

This will get you one of the most stylish small SUVs on the market, with standard features including leather seats, front and rear parking sensors, cruise control, dual zone climate control, an 8″ infotainment system as well as plenty of other features.

Vantage Leasing

It doesn’t just have to be a Range Rover, in the case of companies such as Vantage Leasing, you could lease a Mercedes Benz, an Aston Martin, or even a Rolls-Royce. Tesla is also available too, if you want want something of the electric variety, with both the Model S and Model X available. No matter what car you choose though, Vantage Leasing will be able to deliver the car to you nationwide free of charge, with no processing fees involved.

Whether you are looking for something for business or pleasure, Vantage Leasing should be able to work with you to find a model to meet your needs. Head to this link to get in contact and to learn more.


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