It’s Here! The New TVR Griffith

TVR Griffith
What do you think of the looks? I'm not so sure.

So today is the day that many in the motoring world have been waiting for – the reveal of the new TVR. Could this be one of the most important car in the brand’s history? I seem to think so, and I’m sure others would agree. It’s called a Griffith, which as some you may know, is a moniker that has been used before. The name may be old, but the car is of course new, and marks the future for the British sports car brand.

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Back in the day, TVR used to make its cars from fibreglass, but the new one is bang up today in regards to modern sports car manufacturing. Gordon Murray has been enlisted to help with the design, and a result, the new Griffith is made with a carbon fibre chassis with a 50/50 weight distribution using the iStream manufacturing process. The car itself will weigh just 1,250kg and thanks to a 5.0 litre Cosworth V8, it’s able to produce 400bhp per tonne.

This power is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox and is able to catapult this British sports car to 60mph in under 4.0 seconds, and it will continue to a top speed in excess of 200mph. As well as the carbon fibre chassis, the design team has installed a flat floor – only the second front-engined production car to do so – meaning it’s able to boast full ground effect aerodynamics. This basically means that the car is able to offer high downforce, which in turn makes the Griffith able to corner at faster speeds.

TVR Griffith

Launch Edition

The car to be unveiled at Goodwood Revival today is the Launch Edition, which gives customers full leather interior, custom alloy wheels, Launch Edition paint options, and a bespoke infotainment system. Production will start towards the end of the next year, with prices starting from £90,000.

Les Edgar said: “Today’s unveiling is the culmination of nearly three years of tireless work by the team, and we’re all proud to be able to show the new TVR Griffith to the world. This is unmistakably a TVR, a British muscle car that’s as awesome and brutal as it is charismatic and refined. Importantly, the new TVR offers levels of technical sophistication, comfort, reliability and practicality never seen by the brand before.”


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