Chery Reveals Design Language For New SUV

Chery SUV

Sorry, who? Yes, the chances are that you have never heard of Chery. It is a Chinese brand with big ambitions , which isn’t exactly anything new. What is new though, is the new SUV the brand is going to be unveiling at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Oh by the way, if you would like to know a bit more about Chery, check out the article I wrote for Motor Verso.

Taking On Europe

It’s yet to be named, but Chery aims for it to be good enough to rub shoulders with its European competition. This is not going to be easy, so for starters it has to look good, especially as SUVs are sold as ‘lifestyle’ items. Just look at your average SUV advert and you’ll find a family or a couple doing abseiling or extreme ironing, etc.

The full pictures are yet to be revealed of course, but some sketches have been released ahead of the car’s unveiling next month. It looks pretty decent, but I feel the rear is very similar to the MG GS, which coincidentally is from a Chinese brand. Ok, ok, MG is of course English, but it has Chinese parents.

Chery SUV

What Does Chery Think?

But what does Chery say about its design language for its new SUV? Ray Bierzynski, Executive Vice President of Chery R&D Center Shanghai, said: “The world premiere of our new compact SUV marks the start of our approach to European sales with a new model line. Launching within a few years, all models in the line-up will feature characteristic styling, user-focused technology, electrified powertrains and advanced safety features.”

The brand also states that the new model will represent Chery’s ‘Life In Motion’ philosophy. The car’s lines incorporate ‘hydrodynamic surfacing’ characteristics. What does that mean, I hear you shout. Well it means that the car’s body has been inspired quality of running water. Right… What do you guys think? Hit or miss?


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