Roc On! Sketches Of New Volkswagen T-Roc SUV Revealed

Volkswagen T-Roc

Today VW has revealed sketches of a new compact SUV, called the ‘T-Roc’, the German brand is looking to unveil on the 23rd of August.

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Well as you can imagine, details are a rather hush-hush at the moment, but Volkswagen has stated it will offer “Crisp proportions and progressive design invigorate the compact class.” It will also boast a “wealth of innovations”, which is just as well, as the T-Roc will need something a bit special in a class that has become increasingly popular in recent times.

VW states that the T-Roc will be able to tackle urban driving with the effortless superiority of an SUV, but with the agility of a sporty, compact model. It all sounds rather promising, and it could prove to be a good alternative for those that can’t quite stretch to an Audi Q2, a car I’m testing this week. In fact, the T-Roc will share a lot of its parts – rather unsurprisingly – with the Q2 and is built on the same MQB platform.

Volkswagen T-Roc

It will sit beneath the Tiguan in the VW’s SUV lineup, and judging by the pictures, it will retain a look very similar to that of the concept model that unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. The front will feature a wide radiator grille with integrated dual headlights and daytime running lights that the brand says will give the T-Roc a distinctive light signature that will make the car recognisable.

Prices, engines, and so forth are yet to be revealed, but more should be learnt when the car gets unveiled online on the 23rd of August at 19:00 BST.

Volkswagen T-Roc


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