Suzuki Swift Sport First Picture Revealed

Suzuki Swift Sport

I really liked the previous Suzuki Swift Sport. Yes, it didn’t really have the power to be deemed a true hot hatch, but what it lacked in bhp it made up for in handling. Think of it as a modern day 205 GTI. Yes, that is high praise indeed, but I feel that the Swift Sport of worthy of it. I’ve driven the outgoing Swift twice and both times it was great fun, even though it didn’t bend my face with acceleration.

Recently I have driven the new Suzuki Swift and although it’s not designed to be an out-and-out sporty model, it was still fun and engaging to drive. This makes me very excited to see what the new Swift Sport is going to look like and as luck would have it, the Japanese brand has revealed the first picture of said car this morning.

Other than the yellow paint I think it looks very good indeed. The standard car would have been a good base to work with as its lower and wider than the previous model, giving it a more aggressive stance on the road. The Sport model adds a sporty grille as well as a swollen front bumper and chunk alloys.

How Fast Will It Be?

The technical specification is yet to be revealed – that will come once the car is unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It is thought that it will be powered by the 1.4 litre boosterjet as used in the Vitara S (140hp), plus it will be on lowered suspension for better handling. This is all hearsay though, so I wait with bated breath to see what Suzuki comes up.



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