New Jaguar E-Pace Unveiled In Spectacular Fashion

New Jaguar E-Pace

So, how do you unveil a new car? You could hold a star-studded drinks evening, or in the case of the new SEAT Arona, you could dangle it from a helicopter. Jaguar decided to do something a little different for the unveiling of the new E-Pace SUV. Add stunt driver Terry Grant, a barrel roll jump, and a Guinness world record. What do you get? The unveilings to end all unveilings.

If you haven’t seen it by now (I’m sure you have) you need to check it out as it’s simply amazing. In the hands of Grant, the E-Pace was able to complete a 270-degree jump over a distance of 15.3 metres, setting a new world record in the process. The stunt may have been spectacular, but what about the car itself?

New Kid On The Block

Ah another compact SUV, as if there wasn’t enough of them already. In fairness, I’ve got nothing against a compact SUV, especially when it’s one based on the F-Pace, a car I believe to be one of the best looking SUVs money can buy at the moment. As well as the F-Pace, the new E-Pace will also join the new electric I-Pace concept that was revealed earlier this year. It’s not all style and no substance though; the E-Pace will offer the latest technology as well as sports car design in a car that should comfortably be able to seat five occupants. Jaguar has promised a high amount of rear legroom, plus a boot which will be able to offer 577 litres.

New Jaguar E-Pace
Some Twitter said that the front end looks like the new Swift, what do you think? Either way, both are great looking motors

Staying Connected

We all lead busy lives and rely on our smartphones to help us to keep connected, therefore we need our cars to do the same. Thankfully Jaguar is well aware of this and the new E-Pace will offer a wi-fi hotspot which can support up to eight devices, but the tech does not stop there. The dashboard is home to a 10” touchscreen, plus the E-Pace is the first Jag to feature the brand’s next generation head-up display, meaning the driver can keep their focus on the road.

New Jaguar E-Pace

There are not one, not two, but four 12-volt charging sockets and five USB ports, so there should be little worry if your smartphone runs out of juice. You can also select the option of getting a wearable key, because a key in your pocket is so 2016. It’s waterproof and shockproof, so you can still wear it as you go about your daily activities whilst reminding everyone you own a Jaaaaaaag.

New Jaguar E-Pace
You really want to be a show off? Get the wearable key

Sports Car Design

Enough of the tech though, let’s focus on what lies underneath that stylish skin shall we? The E-Pace will be made available with a choice of either three diesel or two petrol units ranging from 148bhp all the way through to 296bhp. This engine will hit 60mph in just 5.9 seconds and the top speed is limited to a hot hatch-chasing 151mph. Dependant on the engine, buyers will be able to choose from either a 6-speed manual, or a 9-speed ZF automatic ‘box.

New Jaguar E-Pace

 Buyers will be able to choose from either two-wheel or all-wheel drive dependent on the model, plus there will be four driving modes available thanks to the JaguarDrive Control system. As you would imagine, they’re quite self-explanatory and they are as follows; normal, dynamic, eco and rain, ice and snow. Don’t ask me why, but rain, ice and snow sounds like an Earth, Wind and Fire tribute…

New Jaguar E-Pace

To compliment these driving modes, the E-Pace has technology such as a brake-based torque vectoring system to give better grip and steering control, and is active whether the car is on-throttle, off-throttle or braking. New chassis hardware has been developed for the new E-Pace as well as new front suspension to ensure the driver feels as connected to the road as possible whilst also offering a high level of comfort. Adaptive suspension also available, but buyers will need to make sure that option box is ticked.

New Jaguar E-Pace

Buyers will also be able to choose the R-Dynamic model which adds sports seats with contrasting stitching plus there is also a het Morzine headlining. You’ll also have stainless steel pedals and scuff plates as well as R-Dynamic branded steering wheel. The outside features front fog lamps finished gloss black and the grille and the exhaust pipes are also finished in the same shade. This is finished off with satin chrome touches on the side vents and grille surrounds.

Last But Not Least, Safety

It’s very unlikely that the E-Pace will be driven in the same manner as Terry Grant, it’s nice to know that there are some decent safety systems when things go a bit Pete Tong. There is a stereo camera that helps to provide the information needed to support the emergency braking system as well as the lane keep assist, traffic sign recognition and adaptive speed limiter.

New Jaguar E-Pace

Every model comes with front and rear parking aids, so you needn’t worry about damaging that lovely bodywork. Completing the safety line up are features such as hill start assist, blind sport assist, forward traffic monitor and park assist to name but a few, making it one of the safest SUVs money can buy.

Speaking of price, the new E-Pace will start from £28,500 and is available to order now.

New Jaguar E-Pace


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