More Details Released For New Renault Megane RS

New Renault Megane RS

Throughout the years, French brand Renault has pumped out a fair few decent hot hatchbacks, so it’s natural for us hot hatch fans to get excited about the latest Megane RS. Details have been few and far between so far though, but the brand has given us a little more to help satisfy our craving.

Hot Hatch First

One of the key things that has been announced is that the new Megane RS will offer four-wheel steering – a first for a hot hatch. This means it will offer better handling, better turn in, plus it will be easy to navigate tight spots, so it’s practical as well as better for performance. The 4CONTROL system will enable drivers to achieve a higher cornering speed as well as better stability, so it should make for a decent drive down your local B road – or indeed, a race track.

New Renault Megane RS
Flying without wings…

Choice of chassis

The new Megane RS will be offered in a choice of either two chassis depending on how hard and focused you want your drive to be. You can either have Sport, or if you don’t value your spine, you can opt for the Cup chassis. Mind you, the Cup chassis will be the one to have if you plan on a lot of track driving. Unlike its smaller brother, the Clio RS, the Megane will be offered with either a manual gearbox or a flappy paddle box – rejoice!

New Renault Megane RS

What does the expert think?

The Megane RS is still quite a few months away from hitting the road, but Nico Hulkenburg has had the chance to drive the new Megane RS, but what does he think of it? Well, find out here.


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