Volkswagen Offers Sneak Peak Of New Polo

New Polo

Today, German brand Volkswagen has given us a little glimpse of what the new Polo will look like ahead of its unveiling on the 16th of June in Berlin. To date, VW has been able to shift over 14 million models worldwide and the new model will look to continue this success story.

What can we expect?

Well as you can imagine, ze Germans have been rather tight-lipped about the situation and more details should be revealed on Friday. What VW has stated though, is that the new Polo will be bigger, more spacious and more comfortable, so nothing really groundbreaking here so far. The picture VW has released so far does look pretty good and I think it’s better than the styling of the new Ford Fiesta, which I’m not a massive fan of in all honesty.

Klaus Bischoff, Head of Design Volkswagen Brand, explains: “This Volkswagen can immediately be made out as the original of its class, but also as a completely new generation. A Polo with an expressive design which makes the compact sportier, cleaner and unique within the brand range. This is a car that fits in perfectly with our times – both visually and technologically.”


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