The Latest Advances In New Car Technology


While we are a long way off from completely self-driving cars, let alone flying ones, many car manufacturers are still kitting their cars out with some pretty innovative technologies. The list below contains some of the latest features you can expect to be found in new high-end vehicles, but as with everything, this technology will one day become mainstream.


We have been using Bluetooth in our smart devices for some time now, but modern cars have added connectivity.  Not only will you be able to connect your phone to seamlessly play your music, but you will also be able to unlock your car and start the engine too.


Negating the need to carry around a mobile router, car manufacturers are now adding wi-fi and long-term evolution 4G into their vehicles. Effectively this means you will be able to turn your car into a mobile hotspot, allowing you to add your internet enabled devices to the car’s network. Not only is this useful for passengers on long journeys, but perfect for those who use their car as a mobile workplace.

Backup cameras

There was a time when these were only equipped in luxury cars, but they are now becoming standard across all price ranges. Drivers know how difficult it can be to check behind when reversing, but an installed screen in your car will show you what is behind without the constant need to look over your shoulder, reducing the risk of collision and whiplash personal injury claims.

Blind spot detector

Detecting the areas around the car, monitoring technology will alert the driver of any unseen dangers through an audible or readable warning signal. The new Mercedes E-Class vehicles come equipped with a life-saving feature that will warn the driver of any unsafe maneuvers when changing lanes.

Night vision

Driving at night can be difficult, especially on roads with little or no lighting. Audi, Cadillac, and BMW are among the current manufacturers who have implemented a night vision feature in their recent cars that can alert the driver to nearby people and animals using thermal imaging software on the instrument panel.


Your car won’t drive itself (sorry Knight Rider fans), but semi-autonomous driving systems are being introduced in most new cars. This includes automatic braking, slowing the car down when driving at high speed towards the car in front, and automated parking systems that will navigate parking spots. Mercedes E-Class 2017 cars are now equipped with Drive Pilot that will allow the car to drive itself when following other traffic, though two hands should still be kept on the wheel.

Alcohol level detectors

Considering most fatalities on the road are caused by inebriated drivers, an installed breathalyzer will warn the driver if he/she is over the limit, including zero tolerance for teenage drivers. If over the legal limit, the car won’t start. Similarly, new gear shift technology will give a verbal warning to stop driving, through sensing your alcohol level through the palm of your hand.


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