Škoda Reveals First Pictures Of Vision E Interior

Vision E

Remember a few days ago I brought you news of the new electric concept car called the Vision E? Well yesterday the Czech brand has teased a little more by revealing some sketches of what the inside may look like.

Clean, Minimalistic, Futuristic

These were the first three words that came to my mind when I first saw the interior of the the Vision E, and it looks pretty good in my opinion. Ok, I confess, it’s the sort of design you’d kind of expect from a new electric concept, but that’s not to say it’s any less impressive.

Vision E

As you can see, it’s strictly a four seater, with big seats that look like they’d be at home in an episode of Grand Designs. The seats may look good, but there is a fair bit of function to go with the form. They’re slightly elevated to give a better view, plus they rotate outwards when the doors open, meaning it’s easier to get in and out.

“With the VISION E, we are giving an outlook on ŠKODA’s future models with electric drive,” says ŠKODA CEO Bernhard Maier. “In addition to plug-in hybrid vehicles, we will also be launching five purely electric cars on the market in various segments before 2025. This will enable us to offer every fourth car with electric drive.”


As you would expect from a concept car, it’s forward thinking and features lots of tech. Like cars of today, the dashboard will have a touchscreen installed within it, but there will also touchscreens for the passengers. Using these, they will be able to personalise entertainment settings and it can also be used to access the user’s smartphone and there are also ‘decor strips’ which control the ambient lighting, of which there are 10 settings.

The Vision E will receive its debut at Auto Shanghai 2017.


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