Hyundai Teases New ‘Kona’ SUV

Kona SUV

SUVs are very much flavour of the month in the UK – it seems as if every manufacturer is keen to pump them out at fast rate of their production lines. Even the brands that do already offer an SUV are keen to add to the range.

Hyundai is such a brand as the Korean carmaker has released a teaser picture of its new Kona SUV, which will join the pre-existing Grand Santa Fe, Santa Fe and Tucson models. You may be wondering where the Kona name comes from? Well it comes from the name of a district on the Big Island of Hawaii and as such is inspired by its geographical namesake.

Hyundai states that this will mean its new Kona B-segment SUV will have an “energetic image” and a “dynamic character”. Hyundai has also made sure the Kona hosts progressive design and premium features, to draw in new customers to the brand. Hyundai has not yet said when it will be officially unveiled, or indeed when more details will be made available, so it’s very much a case of ‘watch this space’…

Kona SUV


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