New Alpine A110 Revealed

Alpine A110

French carmaker Alpine has been lurking quietly in the background for some time now, but it’s now back and so is the A110. You may recognise the name already as it’s one of the famous models from the brand’s past.

Alpine A110
Oh my, that looks good

The new production model has been revealed today and its shape will be familiar as well, not that’s necessarily a bad thing as the original had a lovely design to it. Like pretty much every new car revealed at the moment, it will go on show at the Geneva Motor Show next month. Once it goes on sale it will go toe-to-toe with cars such as the Porsche Cayman.

It may look like its grandfather from yesteryear, but the A110 will be cutting edge and made with lightweight materials for better performance. It sits on an aluminium platform wrapped by an upper body made from the same material. More details of the new two seater coupĂ© will be revealed when it gets formally revealed and I, like many, look forward to it. Watch this space…


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