New Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate Announced

Mercedes E63 Estate

Mercedes has announced the new E63 Estate and to put it simply, it may just be the fastest estate money can buy this year. It will also the most space in its segment thanks to a massive boot. However, I’m sure it’s the speed that will interest most, so without further ado let’s focus on that.

Power Wagon

There will be two variants to choose from with the new model – the E63 and E63 S, both of which come with 4MATIC+ four wheel drive and a 9-speed automatic ‘box. Both also come with a 4.0 litre V8 biturbo setup, which produces 571hp in the E63 and a sportscar killing 612hp in the E63 S. As you’d expect from a fast Merc the torque is rather high to say the least. 750Nm is what you will receive in the E63 whilst the S is able to boast 850Nm. The S deals with 62mph in just 3.5 seconds – a new record for this type of vehicle – whilst the standard car isn’t too far behind with a time of 3.6 seconds.

Mercedes E63 Estate
The 4.0 litre V8 biturbo – the home of many horses

The engine is efficient too – well as efficient as you can expect anyway. The V8 has cylinder management, meaning that when you are just pootling about town not all the cylinders will be firing, this means a combined fuel economy of 31mpg and 206g/km of CO2 emissions. Ok, so it’s not going to save a polar bear, but at least it’s trying, plus it’s the best in its class in that respect. Twin-scroll turbochargers also make an appearance in this model for the first time, to give effortless power, meaning better economy.

Mercedes E63 Estate

Das Boot

The new car is 27mm wider, meaning there is more space inside for occupants, but also for luggage. The new E63 boasts the biggest luggage capacity in class with an impressive 640 litres with the seats up, which can be increased to 1820 litres if you fold the seats down, meaning it should be able to swallow up pretty much anything you want to put in to it.

What else?

Other design features worth nothing is the torque distribution system which is fully variable for the first time and is able to change where the power is being fed to, meaning the car can come rear wheel drive if desired. A limited slip diff features in the standard model whilst the S has a electronic version and other performance kit includes AMG suspension, chunky brakes and speed-sensitive steering.

Mercedes E63 Estate

Uk pricing and specification has not been confirmed as of yet but you should be able to order the car in the next few months although if you want to see it before then, it will be at the Geneva Motor Show.

Mercedes E63 Estate


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