Renault Extends Its Clio Range


I once had a Renault Clio once (2012 model), nice car but far too sluggish. Every overtake on the motorway had to be planned and exploiting a gap in traffic took mathematic thinking. I’m not too how relevant this will be to you but I wasn’t too sure how else to start the article. Let’s talk about the current generation though, which has had its range extended.

Clio Now Has Its Own Signature

The Dynamique S used to be the range-topping version of the new Clio, which starts at £11,915, but now the Signature Nav trim will rule the roost. What does it give you though? Well as you can guess by the name, buyers will receive a sat nav system supplied by TomTom as some other goodies.

Priced at £17,715, the Signature Nav also offers part leather upholstery with heated front seats, hands-free parking, rear parking camera, 360 degree parking sensors and a 7-inch touchscreen. Buyers will be saving as well – the extra kit should cost £2,250 extra yet the Signature Nav costs £1,450 more than the Dynamique S.

The specification also includes 17″ alloy wheels, automatic climate control, full LED front and rear lights, leather steering wheel, handsfree keycard and heated door mirrors. There will be a choice of either two petrol or two diesel engines which will available with either a manual gearbox or a dual clutch automatic.


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