Hexagon Offers Rare Porsche 993 RS Clubsport

Porsche 993 Clubsport

Ah Hexagon, it’s been a while since I’ve written about of its cars for sale. In fact I’ve been meaning to head to their North London showroom but I haven’t found a slot in my diary to do so, it’ll have to wait until the new year now. Anyway I digress… Yes, the Porsche 993 RS Clubsport. Just 227 of these were made and Hexagon is proud to be able to present one in a very bold Speed Yellow. God I hate yellow…

Porsche 993 Clubsport

​​One thing I don’t hate though is the power this German speedster is able to offer. It’s powered by a 3.8 litre engine which produces 300bhp and in case that wasn’t enough, the car has been stripped out of its creature comforts to save weight. Casualties include the rear seats, electric windows, radio and even the carpets. Features such as a welded rollcage and special race seats (in the front obviously) were installed as well as large aerodynamic wings to help reduce drag.

Porsche 993 Clubsport
So where’s the infotainment system?

​​However, the model presented here does feature the radio and air conditioning features which were taken out as standard, so at least it’s not completely baron in the cabin.  This 1995 example also features 18″ ‘Speedline’ alloy wheels and throughout their life they have covered just 34,700 miles in the last 21 years. Probably because I imagine it’s not the most comfortable or practical daily.

Porsche 993 Clubsport
That is one rather large spoiler…

​​The price for this rare, well looked after specimen? £399,995. Sorry if that caught you off guard. As has been the trend with classic Porsches as of late, they are rather pricey. So if you happen to own a classic Porsche that’s in good knick, keep hold of it a little longer, you may just make a small fortune…

Porsche 993 Clubsport


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