Carbon Fibre Everything: McLaren Announces New MSO Options

McLaren MSO

McLaren has announced that it will be offering even more personalisation options for the 12C, 650S and 675LT. This is good news if you fans of carbon fibre because as far as I can see, it’s just carbon fibre everything. Not that I have any beef with carbon fibre of course.

The new options will not only be available for new models, but for used models that qualify for the scheme, so you never know, Shmee150 might get in on the action. McLaren says that the new options “enhance the dramatic design of the car” as well as saving weight as well – win-win.

What are they exactly?

The new options include carbon fibre rear diffusor, which of course saves weight whilst improving airflow, carbon fibre wing mirrors which save weight and erm, help you see what’s going on around you, plus you can also choose carbon fibre louvered front fenders inspired by historic McLaren race cars.

In regards to interior options, you have a choice from features such as air vents finished in, yes you guessed it, carbon fibre, as well as carbon fibre sill tops, carbon fibre steering wheel and carbon fibre extended paddle shifts. That sure is a lot of carbon fibre… The price for these options? Well, you know what, McLaren hasn’t said… So that means they’re free right? That’s how it works doesn’t…

Carl Whipp, Aftersales Director at McLaren Automotive, commented: “The growing MSO Defined portfolio gives customers an opportunity to further personalise their cars and significantly expands our wider accessories portfolio.  We have experienced significant interest in the MSO Defined range on Super Series cars being ordered new and we are now very pleased to be bringing these features to a wider group of customers as a retrofit choice.”


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