Striking Trezor Unveiled

Renault Trrezor

Renault has featured some striking concepts at motor shows throughout the years, it seems like only yesterday the French brand revealed the bold and striking DeZir, a car that inspired the brands mainstream models. The Paris Motor Show has seen another bold concept in for the sweeping form of the Trezor, an electric grand tourer.

Renault Trezor
​​That’s quite some profile…

Wow, this looks positively fantastic and I’m not really sure where to start so how about the power? It’s an electric model which is powered by a 260kW (350bhp) battery, this enables the sleek concept to hit 62mph in under four seconds and offers a torque figure of 380Nm. Let’s move on to styling now and I think the Trezor looks simply fab. The familiar Renault face with the signature C-shaped lighting signature help to mark this out a Renault model.

Renault Trezor
The Trezor reminds me of a 50s racer from above

​​The inside is just as bold as the exterior and features a red interior. The way in which you enter the Trezor is even bolder. The low, sleek body features a one-piece clamshell that lifts up and because of the cars lack or height Renault says the Trezor “will invite occupants to straddle the side as they climb in.” So be prepared for your dignity to take a dent!

Renault Trezor
Ta-da! That would raise a few eyebrows in your local supermarket car park

​​If you’re expecting space-age materials so you may be surprised to find the dash is made from wood. It was made in partnership with French firm KIEM-cycles which is well-known for its wooden bicycle frames. It’s not all old-fashioned though – a big touchscreen display has been installed as well as a rectangular steering wheel inspired by the world of Formula One.

Renault Trezor
50s racer look, modern racer technology

​​It’s not just the steering wheel that has come as a result of motorsport – the electric motor is a descendant of that used in the Renault e.dams, two times winner of the Formula E championship. The Trezor also uses Formula E technology RESS (Rechargeable Energy Storage System) which regenerates energy used when braking.

Renault Trezor
The dash may be a bit old-school but the tech certainly isn’t

​​Last but not least, the Trezor has an autonomous mode to aid grand touring comfort. Once this mode is selected the steering wheel extends in width and the rear lights change to let others know the car is being driven independently.

Renault Trezor
The red highlights look so good


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