Mercedes Unveils New Electric SUV Coupé, The EQ

Mercedes EQ
The Paris Motor Show is certainly home to some bold cars

The Paris Motor Show has seen quite a few electric cars this year and here is another, the Mercedes EQ. Like the Volkswagen I.D. it’s got a lot of buzz surrounding it and it too features four seats and has autonomous capabilities.

However, unlike the I.D., the EQ is a SUV coupé which has power going to all four wheels. Speaking of power, supplying it are two electric motors with a total output of 300kW (402bhp). 0-62mph comes in about five seconds and Mercedes states the EQ will be good for 500km (311 miles). At this point you may be asking why ‘EQ’?

Mercedes EQ

EQ – Electric Intelligence

Well the EQ name stands for ‘Electric Intelligence’ and no, I’m not sure where the Q comes in to it either. One thing I am sure of this that is a bold looking car which is ready for the future. Like the I.D. there are no door mirrors, instead cameras are employed to do the job, and you’ll find almost no buttons in the interior. The new concept has been built a new platform specifically for electric vehicles but is able to be used for other body shapes other than an SUV.

Everything inside the cabin is operated using touch sensitive controls which feature either on the three-spoke steering wheel or on the centre console. In fact the only physical knob you’ll find is the one to electronically alter the seat. There is plenty of tech available including a 24″ TFT widescreen display and 3D mapping provided by a company called HERE.

Mercedes EQ

​​The EQ is also able to re-route your journeys to charing points if it senses you will will run out before your destination which is bound to avoid a headache. It’ll also be able to provide you with feedback about the driving style in order make sure you get the best range possible. That sounds like my idea of hell personally but it will prove useful for some.

A new light signature has been designed for the EQ and the first thing you’ll notice is the blue lighting which makes it look like a swanky wine bar. The traditional Marc grille is no more and has been replaced with the blue LEDs with white lighting illuminating the infamous Mercedes emblem. The EQ is able to greet its owner with a specific colour ambient lighting when unlocked, before turning back to its default electric blue as it sets off.

So, would you rather have this or the I.D.? Or none of the above?

Mercedes EQ


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