Smarter And Sharper: The New Mazda3


Mazda has recently revealed details of the Mazda6 but the Mazda3 needn’t worry as it’s not been left out. Mazda says the new model will be shaper, shaper and more sophisticated thanks to new technology, new colours and G-Vectoring Control.

What’s new?

Like the new Mazda6, one of the highlights of the Mazda3 is a system called G-Vectoring Control. Put simply, it controls how much power is going to each wheel when the car is cornering to ensure that the best possible grip is available, meaning cornering is sharper and crisper.


​​The styling has been tweaked as well – a revised front grille can be found on the new Mazda3 as well as a new fog light bezel and revised wing mirrors. Buyers can also now choose Machine Grey Mica as a colour, which is also new to the Mazda6 and has already been used on the superb MX-5 RF.

Cabin Three-ver

The cabin of the new Mazda3 has also had changes to improve styling and usability. Higher quality switches have been installed as have new door handle bezels to give the inside a more premium feel. A new trim adorns the dashboard and the manual handbrake has been replaced by an electric one to give a more practical centre console design, plus there is a new leather steering wheel.


​​Anything else?

Buyers will have the choice of either a 104bhp 1.5 litre or a 2.2 litre 148bhp SKYACTIV-D diesel engine or a 2.0 litre SKYACTIV-G petrol which comes in either 118bhp or 163bhp power outputs. The diesel engines should be smoother and more refined thanks to Mazda’s Natural Sound Smoother technology which reduces noise when starting or accelerating the car. The car as a whole should be quieter as well thanks to improve noise suppression materials.


​​In terms of technology, the Mazda3 has an enhanced heads-up display and adaptive LED headlights can be selected – the first for the Mazda3. The new Mazda3 goes on sale from the 1st of October and will be priced from £17,595 to £24,195.


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